Product Lines

The Neoform product lines assemble the most innovative packaging that already exists,
with creative and attractive solutions for the consumer.


The unparalleled transparency, an
efficient closing system and
excellent visibility make the essence
of the Cristalform line.

Made of virgin A-PET, it guarantees food
safety and the quality that its product
and customer deserve. With our partner’s
support, we are always looking for creative
solutions for the market challenges.


The Neofest line is the biggest innovation in
disposable packaging sector over the past 15 years.

With a large range of different sizes,
shapes and decorative patterns, we are the only
ones to offer customized PET packaging on
an industrial scale. Through our development
and research team. (D & R), we seek patterns
and designs that meet the desires of our
customers and consumers. Together with our
innovative production processes, we have
decorated lines and the already established
metallized packaging line, giving a greater
value in the appearance of the products.

Developing new abilities


We produce items under specific
order and develop customized
products according to your needs