For more than five decades
providing quality and
expanding markets
are the main
objectives of Neoform.

Neoform is committed to exceeding expectations and delivering the ultimate in creativity to package, conserve, protect and present food.

We use the most advanced production and marketing techniques, with the latest technology, also developed inside the company, to form our product catalog.

In the constant pursuit of excellence, our products were responsible for
transforming the market and became a reference in Brazil.

The challenge moves the company forward and allows us to develop and release new solutions that innovate the Market place.
The history of Neoform joins achievements, partnerships and hardwork.


Starts its activities with its founder Sérgio Mendes Ribeiro, manufacturing film slides for advertising (Trivia: Some slides were hand painted, and appeared in color on the black-and-white movie screen).


Declared the prohibition of cinema advertising by the president Jânio Quadros, starts the production of neon and acrylic front lights.


Production of the first machines using junkyard parts and pistons of Varig old aircrafts.


Changed its name to Brasneon, diversifying its product portfolio with parts for lighting industry, televisions, trailers, civil construction and especially its line of acrylics. The first Thermoforming Polystyrene (PS) machines are produced.


Through a new partnership with the company Plásticos Metalma, the Neoform Plásticos Ltda was founded, which started its activities also conducting extrusion of raw material itself.


Finding a large unexplored market, the new company initiates the manufacture of packaging in PS. They innovated using transparent impact modifiers in the extrusion and cutting the thermoforming with typographical razors. The Neoform anticipated in three years the releases that would be developed and presented in K, the largest fair of plastic industries in the whole world, based in Germany, consolidating the technology developed within the company.


After expanding its extrusion line, the company begins to sell large dimension pieces for the refrigeration industry. The company Plásticos Metalma leaves the society, Brasneon and Neoform unite into a single flag: Neoform, which moved its headquarters to Cachoeirinha-RS.


New age with the purchase of the latest machines, using PET as a raw material for packaging and parts, revolutionizing again the industry.


Acquires a large extruder to process multi-layered, allowing the use of recycled material for its new furniture line of environmentally friendly laminates. Establishes another office, this time in Gravataí-RS.


Launches its NeoFest line with metallized packaging, exceeding the market expectations. It moved permanently to its 11,000m² building area.


After a process of restructuring the company, it develops new customized and decorated package, further expanding its range of action.

in technology

With cutting-edge machinery for extrusion and thermoforming, many developed within the company, we have the vanguard of plastic processing technology, with massive investment in ecological and economical innovations.

Agile delivery
and practice

With a large product inventory,
we answer our clients
requests quickly and efficiently,
reducing their costs with quick
products replacement.

We come
to you.

With a large logistics partners network,
we send break-bulk and closed cargo by
sea and road freight,
reaching all of Latin America.

and practices

The Neoform products are designed to facilitate and improve the use of materials. Our main inspiration is the user.

The design is part of our innovation process. With unique shapes and colors we work with precision in the details in order to achieve an outstanding presentation.


Always seeking to optimize results and reduce the
environmental impact, Neoform consigns 80% of
its waste to disposal specialized companies.
All manufactured products are made with raw
materials that are recyclable and become other
products in other companies, reducing
the ecological impact and carbon emissions.

Neoform Prizes

Category “Technics and Quality”


1998 | 1999 | 2001

Best Brazilian Caterer in Bread and Cake Package

Baker Top

1997 | 1998

Company of the Year/Prominence Product

Magazine Modern Bakery

1999 | 2000

National price of Package Excellence

Top de Embalagem ADVB


Elected 7x in the Top Five Price

Moderna Magazine

– Transparent package
for bakery products
– Best caterer company
for bakery packages
– Third most mentioned brand
in the category “Packaging Tray”